About Gab

Fashion Designer & Dresser Extraordinaire

Gabrielle designs beautiful, elegant clothes in vibrant colors and exquisite fabrics.  Wearing her pieces, you look stylish and compelling - and feel your most beautiful self. 

Gabrielle's style is timeless; well-worn by women of every age and size.  Stepping into her studio, you see an array of vivid color; cye catching fleece, an intriguing collection of separates that combine to create endless ensembles which call your attention.

Gabrielle's 'day into evening'  pieces are also there.  Slipping on a Gabrielle Jacket has you ready for unexpected dressy moments...  There are the ' one of a kind' limited edition pieces which stand alone or accent the separates beautifully... 

Professional women who have little time to find clothes that flatter and fit will gain true satisfaction with Gabrielle's expertise.  Gab will dress you for the courtroom, the conference room and for cocktails...

Visiting Gabrielle's studio, you revel in gorgeous color and texture and the excitement of being in the hands of a true artist.  Gabrielle creates with you, choosing pieces that flatter your figure and satisfy your longing for beauty. 




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